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At the large village of the mountainous Lefkada, Karya, we created, in the winter of 2017, with great taste and respect towards the tradition and the environment, three luxurious villas that can easily accommodate up to 5 persons each.
Each villa is equipped with all means necessary to provide you with every modern comfort for an ideal stay. Karya Villas consist of two large bedrooms with separate bathrooms while, on the upper level, there is a spacious dining room, a living room with a direct vent fireplace and a comfortable WC.
The equipment of each villa also includes a hot tub and all the necessary household appliances. Choose our lodge and discover the beautiful island of Lefkada, having the gorgeous village of Karya as your base.

Discover mountainous Lefkada.

Green-clad mountains, traditional villages and smiling people. This is the mountainous Lefkada and waits for you to discover it and reveal all of its secrets.

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What can you see at the mountainous Lefkada?

Religious monuments, remains of the old everyday life, traditional elements and folklore collections, landscapes of immense beauty. Wherever you look, there is something to fill your eyes and your time with beautiful experiences.


What can you do at the mountainous Lefkada?

Feasts and events of joy, fun, taste and culture. Feasts that combine the past with the present. Routes within the evergreen vegetation and sport activities that will refresh and relax you.


Comfort and Luxury

About Lefkada

History of Lefkada

Travel to myth and history from Odessa’s Homeric Ithaca, to ancient Neriko and Agia Mavra, to Lefkada of the modern times. Read more…

Archaeological Sites

Experience the history of the island, through visits to the archaeological and museum sites and the Frankish castle of Aghia Mavra. Read more…

Beaches of Lefkada

They are endless and accessible with sand and the blue of the Ionian Sea crowning them. The best beaches in Greece are here and are waiting for you. Read more…

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